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Will car polishing damage the paint?

Car polishing is an integral part of the car beauty process. It mainly uses abrasives and polishers to polish the paint surface to make it smooth, smooth and brighter.

Polishing is generally a project that must be carried out before waxing and coating. The purpose is to remove orange peel, scratches, sunburst and other problems on the paint surface, and restore the smoothness and flatness of the car paint surface, so that the waxing and coating effects can be better and achieve a mirror effect.

Car polishing requires the use of professional equipment and products. We usually recommend car owners to go to a professional Detailing studio for the work. So car owners, do you know how to tell whether a store is professional? So follow us to talk about some key points of polishing.

You may have heard that polishing will remove the paint, and that a car can only be polished a few times. In fact, this professional Detailing store is not correct in the eyes.

The thickness of normal car paint is generally between 100 and 150 μm. Under the operation of professional and experienced applicators, each polishing will consume about 1 to 3 μm. So please don’t worry that polishing will make your car paint thin quickly. Instead, you should choose a store that truly knows how to polish professionally, rather than a “master” who helps you polish your car paint with your eyes closed.

First of all, as a professional shop, we will conduct a comprehensive and in-depth measurement of the thickness of the car paint before polishing. This will help the store understand the condition of the car paint on their hands, and then formulate specific polishing plans based on different situations. As the most important role in polishing, abrasives are of course very knowledgeable. Generally speaking, abrasives are divided into two types: cutting and reducing. Cutting abrasives help repair problems such as deep scratches on the paint surface, and reducing agents will restore the shiny luster of our car paint.

Different car paints have different paint properties, and their thickness and hardness will vary. So in a professional Detailing shop, you will always see that they prepare a variety of polishing agents and polishing discs to use with different models of polishing machines. This is not fancy, but in order to deal with various vehicle conditions, special solutions must be developed. This is a great test of the store’s professional capabilities and construction experience. If a doctor gave you the same medicine regardless of your disease, you wouldn’t want it, right?

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