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The temperature is soaring. Spring and summer car maintenance tips!

As the temperature gradually rises, it is necessary to maintain your car in a timely manner. Today, the editor will give you some car lovers some opinions on car maintenance in spring and summer.

When the temperature is high, the car air conditioner is an indispensable piece of equipment. The filter must be cleaned during air conditioner maintenance, because too much dust accumulates on the filter, which not only affects the filtration effect but also reduces the air throughput. . If the vehicle is parked in a certain place for a long time, do not turn on the air conditioner directly but open the door or window for a period of time to maintain air circulation.

The road temperature is high in summer, so be sure to check the tire pressure regularly, because driving with insufficient air pressure will cause the tire carcass to buckle excessively. Excessive buckling of the tire carcass will generate high heat, and the internal airtight layer rubber will be burned into black spots, thereby damaging the rubber It is peeled off from the carcass cord fabric. In more serious cases, the inner liner rubber will be burned by high heat and melted. Continued high heat will cause serious damage to the internal structure of the tire. If the tire continues to drive when its strength is reduced, it will eventually cause tire damage, or more seriously, it will cause a tire blowout, which will bring safety risks, so please be sure to do relative inspection and maintenance work.

Spring is nothing more than rainy days, and wet roads in the rainy season reduce the friction coefficient between the tires and the ground, especially when there is water in the tire tread. A sensitive braking system is particularly important, so check the braking system frequently to be as prepared as possible.

Summer is a period of high incidence of vehicle spontaneous combustion. Some older vehicle models and oil pipelines are prone to aging, often causing vehicle spontaneous combustion. Therefore, we should focus on checking the oil and electricity circuits of the car. If the circuit is found to be aging, it should be repaired in time. It is best not to modify electrical circuits without authorization. Perfume, lighters and other flammable and explosive dangerous objects should be kept away from your car. If possible, try to park it in a garage or a cool place. Keep a fire extinguisher in the car and replace it regularly. When parking, try to avoid roads with flammable debris such as dry grass and paint.

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