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Is the polished car paint still considered the original car paint?

As an experienced car beautician, today I would like to share with you some knowledge about car paint. Many car owners will encounter a question when maintaining their vehicles: Is the polished paint still considered the original paint?

Polishing is a car beauty method that restores luster to car paint and removes scratches and stains. During the polishing process, the polishing agent and polishing cloth used will have a certain impact on the surface of the car paint. Therefore, the polished car paint will change to a certain extent, but this change usually does not affect the basic properties and color of the car paint. Therefore, we can think that the polished car paint is still a manifestation of the original car paint. Of course, if scratches appear during the polishing process or the paint is damaged, it will need to be repaired or repainted.

Scratches are one of the most common damages to automobile paint. They not only affect the appearance, but may also cause the paint to peel off, thereby affecting the vehicle’s anti-corrosion performance. Here are some tips for avoiding scratches:

  1. When parking, try to choose a flat place to avoid collision with walls, pillars and other hard objects.
  2. Try to use regular parking lots and avoid parking on the side of congested roads.
  3. Obey traffic rules and avoid emergency braking and sharp turns to reduce the risk of vehicle body scratches.
  4. Keep a safe distance between vehicles to avoid collision with other vehicles.
  5. Install an anti-scratch protective film on your vehicle to reduce the risk of scratches.

Finally, I would like to remind car owners that when performing car maintenance, it is best to choose a regular repair shop and have professional repairmen handle it. They have rich experience and professional skills to better protect your car’s paint.

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