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About Us

Our History

2007 — We began to independently design, develop and produce polishing power tools, and successfully developed the first 500W 5-inch 8mm eccentric DA polishing machine.
2008 – The company officially entered the European and American markets and successfully developed a 900W 5-inch/6-inch DA polishing machine with an eccentricity of 8mm.
2009 — Successfully developed 5mm eccentric 3-inch MINI polishing machine.
2014 – Successfully developed the first two-stage reduction straight core polishing machine.
2016 – Officially changed its name to “Yongkang Meixuan Power Tools Co., Ltd.”
2018 – The self-designed 8 Series and 9 Series were officially launched and unveiled at the Auto Parts Show in Frankfurt, Germany. In the same year, the global trademark registrations of “CAR SHIELD” and “PLATYPUS” were completed.
2021—Successfully independently designed a lithium battery 12V nano polishing machine.

Our values

The customer is the partner to advance and innovate together. Create opportunities for employees and create benefits for society.

Manufacturing Capacity

It can produce more than 100 car polishing machines a day.

Manufacturing Team

Has more than 10 senior engineers and designers.

Sales Team

Have three sales managers and a number of sales staff.


General manager


Sales Manager


Sales Manager